Mash-up FanFic Episode One: Star Wars Versus Harry Potter

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HarryPotter-StarWars: All things Die and The Birth of All Evil


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Anakim Skywaker hated his life at the desert plannet garbag plannet where his bos was a huge fly. One day he always told himslef that he would get out of the place but his mom needed him and his dad was the forse so he was the man of the housw in the desert. Anakil was the slave for the huge fly and one day he was wanting to go to the races where he would race against the Sebulba spiderdog and win his freedom when a great big man came to him on a morot cycle the was a flying machine and said to him "Amakin, its becasue you are a wizard that your life his wors thn dying. We have been lokin fer ya Anny! YOu've got to come to schol! Yer late Anny!"


Anarkins mother said "No don't take him awasy! His dad is the forse ansd one day he will get me off of this terrible dersert plannet!"

The huge man said his name was hargid and that he knew all of this an that the school was going to be tough for Annikin. It was going to be really tough without the little wizzard around to help mom and the huge fly sell garbage but if it weren;tfor Anny to come with him all of the muggle people will die!" 

Every body cried. 

They flew away on the scpaceship morotsicle and it was time for Anyy to go to HGWORTS! 


Later on in his life the wizard Anny comes back to the dessert plannet and the huge fly is really old.


Ann6 says "I have come to take back myh mom." but the huge fly said "The tuskin raiders have took her to be a slave somewher else than here anakin how you;ve grown! How long has it been?!" 


"A rally long time." Sais Anny realy stressing the word REALLY when he sais it. 

The screen swishes acroos and we;re in the sandpeople camp whwere Anyys mom is a new kind of slave to the sandpeople.  Anikim oes in and spied on them using the moraders map and Harry potter's invisible cloke! He takes out his wand and says "I'm really glad I have this from school!"

He loks around but can't find hi s mothr. "MOM!" But he can't find her and the tuskin raiders know he's there. 


AVEDA KADEVERA! he shouts and he kills a guy right there and cries "Where is she?!" 

AVEDA KEDAVERA! he shouts only another guy ies and he doesn't see khis mom anywhere. Only skeleton and sandpeople and dead sand people. 

Anny AVEDA KEDAVERAs everybody in the camp and cries as trhe twin suns of Tatooon start to set and mak ethe sky go the colour of blood like the blood that has been spilled on this night and ANik,n can;t even tell the differend between it and the blod,

The starwars theme song (sad verson0 starts to play and you feel sad when you see Annikilm tak e off his wizard hat and say "Harry Putter you said "go get your mom it's not too late but you where worng!" 

Then the Darth VAder soundtrack starts to play and we all know what that means: Darth Vader is going to come. That;s right that king of all the sith. 

The sun sets. 


To be continued... ? 

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