The Beehive

Two men meet on the side of a desert highway. One of them is a serial killer. The other is that serial killer's copycat. A play about meeting your maker.

(a complete PDF version of this play is now available for free)


Vic Harbour

A small town on Lake Huron is plagued by ice storms, drug problems, and the ghost of it's founder. Two teens and the ghost's brother navigate the treacherous landscape of rural legend in an attempt to make things better for themselves.

The Rats in the Walls

An adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's classic story of the disturbed heir to a castle that rests atop a labyrinthine farm used to grow humans for consumption. Co-written with Andrew Gaboury and performed by The Four Winds Collective on site at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Ontario.


Based on the myth of Echo and Narcissus, this is a one woman show about voices, hearts, and echolocation written for and performed by Vancouver-based Theatre Elysium.