The Beehive

The Beehive is a short play that I wrote in September of 2012 as part of a two person writing circle I sometimes am a part of with Toronto playwright Susan Stover. Though it has been the subject of private readings and workshops it has not been produced.

The story revolves around two violent men on the side of a desert highway that is suspected to be the hunting grounds of a serial killer.

Because of a number of factors including the fact that I just think it is thematically appropriate, the entire text is now available to be downloaded here for free.

If you like this play it would make me incredibly happy if you did one or many of the following things:

1. Perform it in its entirety

2. Use one of its monologues for an audition

3. Use parts of it for a scene study

4. Inform me of your opinion

All I ask is that in every case I be given full credit for the writing of the text in any program materials and that you spread the word that it is available for free here.

The PDF version was typeset by Emma Dawn Allain and can be downloaded below:

The Beehive - by Peter B. Counter